Design Director

“I believe that good design is the one that also “WORKS” well in reality and fulfill human needs in present living, so the definition of my work is to create products that enrich the quality of life both physically and emotionally, by unify industrial craftsmanship with local art and culture in order to express Thai design attitude to global market.”

Project co-designer

Daniel Martinez is a designer from Barcelona with an extended career in Europe, South America and Asia, passionate on cross disciplines between furniture, fashion and painting. His creations are based on an honest aesthetics adding meaningful details creating sophisticated and timeless pieces. Each project is related with a strong story behind, adding value and creating unique creations. Currently is based in Bangkok mentoring students and running his firm Nuclistudio.

Daniel Martinez Tinena


We not only think about the beginning of idea but they also consider the end of product. Where our product are installed? What does the context around? that is why firstly, we concentrate about user’s behavior, feeling, effect ,and environment then we already knew our product have the usefulness for whom. We believe the good products design are not made from beautiful or just only such a decorate but also should be usefulness wherever the product are installed in space. This is our valuable design.


on his design philosophy. My design is user centric; I believe that the design can’t be good if it doesn’t fulfill the human needs. I always start from thinking who will use my product then putting myself in their shoes. It is the way to ensure that I make a RIGHT thing to my users. I am fascinated in simplicity so my design is the harmonization of simple form and good function. I also love to add some elements of surprise to my piece of work to communicate with the users. This tiny little thing will make them smile when they see my product.


Every time I select my design, I have to make sure that the object will fulfill people’s needs, while well blending with any style of interior. Not only aesthetic appeal, its function should benefit the owner most.