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With the love and passion towards design

With the love and passion towards design, it has become our aspiration in making quality designed products accessible for everyone. Eventually, this appreciation has been brought into reality, and Whoop was created Founded in 2011, Whoop takes pride in creating Asian minimalist furniture and home accessories, which are drawn with the sense of coziness, contemporary, cheerfulness and functionality. Presenting modern living that also contains richness of Asian sensation, Whoop design approach is to combine modern and local technology with the beauty of Asian living in order to bring exquisiteness to home furnishing.Whoop is a brand under S.T.S Product Co.Ltd., a furniture manufacturer and exporter which have been established since 1991. With more than 23 years of professional experience and capability to produce various kind of steel and wooden furniture, We want to leave an unforgettable impression for everyone through our design. Just like the word “Whoop” which is a word that shout out to express of excitement and surprise. And we want everyone to automatically say “ Whoop!” when they see our design!.


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